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About SecuriTech

SecuriTech's mission is to be a customer driven leader in enterprise security solutions by providing security technology which solves current and future problems in the fields of secure e-business infrastructure. SecuriTech provide unmatched security expertise and analysis infrastructure support the unique set of methodologies for ensuring the continuous security of critical information assets.

SecuriTech was formed by a cadre of top-level security professionals aiming to protect burgeoning Internet businesses exposed to new and dangerous Internet threats. Because these attacks continuously change, SecuriTech’s security technology solution that proactively protects resources from existing attacks, as well as from those not yet known. Malicious mobile code, denial of service attacks, and unauthorized access to e-business resources interrupts business for hours or days, costing time and money.

Customers that choose SecuriTech as their InfoSec and IT partners including Secondary School, Manufacturing Company, Engineering Management Company, Printing House, Advertising Company and SMEs.